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Fuel Tanks


A: Sill Tanks or auxiliary tanks 


The sill / aux tanks hold more fuel added to the rear main tank capacity. The fuel is stored over a few different tanks and in most cases is mid mounted giving better stability. The sill / aux  tanks are available for most vehicles.

View Sill / Aux tanks available and pricing CLICK HERE


B: Large Rear Replacement Tank up to 145 litres.

The long-range rear tanks hold more fuel than the original tank fitted. They are easier to install to the Sill / Aux tanks but will not give the full extra fuel available.  They are designed to not limit departure / ramp over angles.

View long range tanks available CLICK HERE.


The rear main replacement tank is likely to require larger rear springs and heavier shockers to handle the extra weight.

Sill / Aux tanks normally require fuel pumps etc to transfer fuel to the main tank.