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Springs and Shock-absorbers


A: Springs.


Springs to hold the weight of the vehicle and to hold it at the desired height. Selections of 13 sizes are available to match most vehicles and accessories fitted.

View list of Springs available CLICK HERE

B: Shockers standard travel.


Choose your shockers carefully! There are many brands available. Our recommendation is as follows, Bilstein, Koni or Genuine.

Note: Shockers are used to control the movement of the vehicle. Since Land Rovers are heavy vehicles on coil springs the shockers are not to be sacrificed and are the key in steering control and how the vehicles suspension will handle the terrain / weight loaded..

C: Long Travel Shockers.


Range Rover classic and Discovery I will need to purchase custom shockers and a fitting kit to relocate and modify the control arms. (We have had custom Koni shockers made to suit the White Tiger 30% long travel kit)  If you are considering increasing the wheel articulation in your vehicle it is best to purchase a known, proven kit.  This will same time and money. 

View White Tiger 30% travel kit CLICK HERE

View custom Koni Shockers CLICK HERE

Note: Longer travel shockers MUST NOT be fitted into a standard vehicle. Special springs will also be required due to the extra travel. This kit can be fitted into a Defender as well but the vehicle must me noted on ordering. This is not available for Series II Discos, but you can fit a slightly longer Bilstein shocker to increase the travel by 25mm.

View the Discovery 2 LT Bilstein shockers CLICK HERE.

D: Bump Stop Clearance and Caster Correction


Bump stop clearance up to 3.5”; 2.6 degrees caster bushes may be used to increase steering stability and vagueness.

View castor bushes CLICK HERE

Bump stop clearance above 3.5”, It is recommended the swivels be modified to correct the caster. We can modify these up to 10 degrees thus keeping the front prop shaft geometry in check.

View modified swivel balls for castor correction CLICK HERE


Extras to Consider

The end weight of the vehicle is very important before a spring can be correctly chosen. Winches, Bull bars, Rear Steps, Wheel Carriers, Gas, Long Range Tanks, Water Tanks etc.