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Alloy Rims

There are many styles of alloy rims available and they are available from many stores and shops with a huge variety.  The biggest problem we face with all aftermarket rims is the offset.  Mind you this is OK for a standard vehicle, but again in this day and age you can get factory fit alloys up to 22". 

What we offer here is an allow rim to suit Defenders, Range Rover Classics and Discovery Series 1's with a couple of offset options.  We find these rims to be the only rims available to suit the modified vehicle with offsets as large as -27mm.  Perfect for the Disco or Rangie with the XL Flare kits and Defenders with the flare extensions.

Genuine alloy rims available through Replacement Parts.


The +/- figure after the rim size determines the offset relative to the centre line of the rim. 

A +ve offset makes the wheel track thinner or moves the rim and tyre inwards.

A -ve offset makes the wheel track wider or moves the rim and tyre outwards.


Before purchasing a rim of any size check with your roads authority to make sure the rim size, width and offset comply.



16 x 10 - 25mm MACHINED ALLOY to suit RRC, Defender and Discovery Series 1.

Polished finish with Machined Surface complete with wheel nuts.