Performance Tunes

More Torque and Horsepower

Custom tuning and performance upgrades for most late model Land Rovers available February 2013

Les Richmond Automotive have expanded their customer service range to include performance tuning.

Rather than buying some generic tune mass loaded from other companies, with LRA you can have your tune matched to suit your engines performance characteristics.

There are only a hand full of companies who can offer this service. So if you are looking for outright performance or just more torque for towing and driveability than a custom performance tune is for you.



Performance Tune Disco 2 Td5 EU2

+29% Horsepower

+35% Torque

Performance Tune Disco 2 Td5 EU3

+33% Horsepower

+40% Torque


Td5 VNT Performance kit EU2 and EU3

Td5 performance kit consists of...

VNT Turbo. (Variable Nozzle Turbo)

Boost Box

High flow Air Mass Metre

Custom tune to suit your vehicle.

All installed in the vehicle.