Mud Seat Rails

MUD seat Rails

A simple solution to a twenty year old problem. Discover extra legroom and extra comfort in just 10-minutes!

Designed to fit underneath your existing seat frames, MUD Rail's offer up to four inches of extra rearward travel on the drivers and passenger seats greatly improving the comfort, seating position and legroom in any Land Rover Defender.

Ideal for owners of the latest model Defenders where space in the front seats is at even more of a premium.

Contrary to popular belief, the removal of the load space bulkhead on the latest model Defender Station Wagon's does not improve legroom. We regularly supply Land Rover franchise dealers with MUD Rails to address this regular customer complaint. It's actually the limited range of movement available on the standard Defender seat runners that restricts the amount of legroom.

By raising the level of the seat rails by just 30mm and shifting the seats positioning further back, MUD Rails utilize the extra space available behind the seats and guarantee to improve the front seat legroom and comfort of any Land Rover Defender.