Talk torque automotive and Les Richmond Automotive have been working together to help simplify the engineering process and to help keep the costs involved as low as possible.

A modified car vehicle will fall into 1 of the following 4 categories.

Category 1:

All vehicles with an increased height of less than 50mm fitted with larger tyres. 

An example of this is a Discovery 2 fitted with 265 x 75 x 16 tyres with a 25mm spring lift.

Not many people know but a vehicle simply modified like this is deemed to be illegal. The good news is it is not difficult to obtain and engineers report for this style vehicle. 


Category 2:

All vehicles with an increased height of more than 50mm and no more than 150mm

Most modified vehicles fall into this group. It really does not take much to raise a vehicle more than 50mm.  Vehicles in this section are subject to cornering, braking and evasive action testing.

Category 3:

Vehicles raised more than 150mm

Unfortunately due to the current laws this style vehicle is outside the engineering bounds and can not be legally engineered in Australia.

Category 4:

Falls within Category 1-3 but has other modifications like Engine conversions, chassis modifications, Non Land rover axles fitted, etc etc etc...... 

These vehicles will fall into the above but the extra / conflicting modification will have to be engineered separately for the extra modifications.