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Product Labelling

Unlike many performance component manufacturers, LRA prides itself on been able to produce legal modified vehicles and products.

If purchasing performance products, ask if they are approved.


Note: Due to the ever changing legal roads system, a kit that is legal today may not be tomorrow. So it is advised to engineer your vehicle soon. All our products sold are legal on the day of sale. We hold no responsibility if a vehicle can not be engineered due to law changes.


Remember, You will be the one at the end of the day "holding the bag" if god forbid something goes pear shaped and you are involved in a serious accident.

Items listed with this icon have been approved, tested if required and have been previously engineered on vehicles in Victoria.  If you chose products with this logo you can be assured we / Talk Torque Automotive will engineer and pass your vehicle.

Items listed with this icon are still in development or undergoing testing. 


Note: Be aware just because a product is labelled Engineer Approved doesn't always mean if fitted to a vehicle it will pass.  It does depend on the modifications applied to the vehicle.  For example a Discovery 1 with a 2.5" approved body lift kit will not pass if fitted with standard rims with 32" tyres. In this case the vehicle will be too tall with not enough stability.