White Tiger Products


All of the White Tiger products have been developed to enhance the Land Rovers off-road capabilities.


Unlike many other products available, White Tiger products have been specially developed and tested to suit the harsh

Australian conditions from the rugged high country to the demanding corrugated roads of the outback.
We believe a modified Land Rover should drive as good if not better than when it was released. Unique to most modified 4WD components sold all White Tiger products are labelled with with the following

These logos are to show if that product has been viewed, tested and approved by a qualified vehicle engineer.

 And we have built and tested these products in component form and in vehicles,

thus we are confident using these products are deemed to be legal for road use.

Unlike others who use the term "For off-road use only"


Obviously all vehicles modified will need to meet all rules and by-laws of each state Fitting a White Tiger product
does in no way make the vehicle street legal without the certificate of a vehicle engineer approved in your state.


If you were wondering where the name White Tiger comes from.

It comes from a call sign the late Les Richmond used to use back in the 70's when we took us travelling around

Australia as kids. In our 1976 white Range Rover rego INA 982.

 I Only see it fitting as we named the business after him to have this trade name a link to the past as well.

Les Richmond

1950 - 1990