Les Richmond Automotive was established in 1978

One of the oldest independent Land Rover companies in Australia.

LRA is in no way associated with Land Rover and is able to supply quality spare parts and accessories for an extremely competitive price. 

Les Richmond Automotive has a staff of five employees. Les Richmond Automotive (LRA or LR Automotive) operates from 41 Wood Street Thomastown in Victoria. LR Automotive specialize purely in Land Rover vehicles with a large selection of new and second hand spare parts. 

Our spare parts division is fully available online, offering huge savings on spare parts, especially for the DIY repairer.

Les Richmond Automotive leads in the modifying of Land Rovers especially for the enthusiasts. We pride ourselves in producing street legal accessories and off road vehicles.


Les Richmond Automotive has always prided itself on its reputation for supplying the highest quality range of parts with the majority of the parts been Original Equipment Manufacturers.

Les Richmond Automotive offers

Genuine, OE and replacement parts with outstanding quality .

Value for money .

Knowledgeable and helpful sales and administration staff .

Problem solving advice if possible.

Express delivery service.

Excellent availability .

What more could you ask for!